Which vibration / frequency is the correct one and why.

Within our past and even within our present time, you will find many ways through which everyone portrays a process of Devine Enlightenment through the use of metaphors and images of expression and it continues within its path with little in the way of momentum as we are all still very much sitting in the waiting room for that coach to come and wisk us away.

What is seldom found is a way through which one is able to define and express the reasoning and at the same time bring a form of clear understanding as to how this process could ever exist or even how it works.

Majority of time we just function without the need of understanding some of the mechanics behind our existence.

We have spent many years trying to understand and define consciousness as well as understand what propels our awareness and yet we find we are not in complete possession of all the knowledge needed to reach a definitive understanding.

If we look to the mechanics responsible for the existence of everything through breaking matter down to its smallest of parts, we find there only exist mere phenomenon of vibration which cascade towards giving identity and definition to an object which they are a part of.

Our awareness exists within a complex biological structure called the Brain which has the ability to retain information, logically analyze it and put it to use which sets us above other life forms within our world and at the same time gives us an evolving ability to perfect our self awareness through the accumulation of knowledge which propels us towards finding ways of perfecting our body within each cycle of life and with each generation, allowing us to adopt to our ever changing environment as well as control the way in which we exist within it.

Our Brain is structured in a manner which is able to actively retain and project biological, electrical impulses which help us communicate with each other, retain and analyse information as well as maintain our all important bodily functions, which help us live. In effect we rely, thrive and live on vibration for without it we would not exist.

We each have a built in ability to attune to, retain and project vibration which in its self gives each person their own essence of vibrational awareness which propels their personality and individuality and the ability to control, either on a conscious or sub-conscious level, the various perceptive vibrational states which each person transcends through each and every day of their lives. On the whole we are each large sympathetic resonance machines.

We as sentient beings, depending on our individual level of perceptive awareness, dwell mostly within the lower levels of consciousness where our vibrational states of awareness are tied to the physical body and the physical world around it and as a result of our inability to control and understand these states propels us to create and exist within a perpetual vibrational field of cause and effect which propels us from one day to the next.

It is that old law of attraction in simple motion which is experienced consistently on a conscious and sub-conscious level which in itself is merely a state of vibrational intent propelled by each individuals level of thought to either attract or repel the vibrations they each feel the need to either interact with or not.

Through our technological advancements we can today gain better understanding and give clearer definition to these various states of awareness through the use of  instruments, which allow us to measure our brains electrical impulses, we are able to quantify them and study how each state of experiencing life is within its self a mere projection of frequency which we can use to recognise when the body is regenerating or healing, actively being creative, at rest or at work and so on, giving us further understanding that our somatic processes themselves, which are mostly regulated by neuroreceptors and neurotransmitters of bioelectrical energy, also rely on various frequencies of vibration for their correct functional states promoting to our health.

For anyone who wishes to study further these various states they are classified under frequency wave ranges termed and grouped under various Greek alphabetical characters Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta as well as other variable classification states.

Through further in depth studies of these variable frequency states of vibration which we traverse and project throughout our lives, we have today been able to quantify the particular vibrational frequency state responsible for us gaining access to our higher state of consciousness, a frequency which is prominently induced by controlling our very own mental processes through various techniques of Meditation, which we have classified as the Theta state.

For many to quantify this particular frequency responsible for experiencing the higher state of consciousness would be of importance and yet to others it plays no importance for under the correct conditions where we are able to consciously release our awareness of the body and the physical world around us, we are able to reach a state which allows us to experience, know and attain higher levels of awareness and at the same time a state which opens the inner doors to an alternative dimension of being.

Another great question is, how once we have reached that all important Frequency, do we Harness its vibration and remain at that Frequency with ease long enough to consciously dwell within it, how did those great Masters achieve such a wondrous task is a question which is often reflected upon.


We seem to mostly give focus to that which we do not clearly understand in a quest to gain understanding and control over it. If it relies on an effortless action then the focus is never upon it.

Through much perseverance in attaining that important state of awareness needed to synchronise the body with the mind on a quest for enlightenment, we look to those who had achieved this process in hope we too can somehow gain the knowledge and wisdom needed to achieve the same task.

As we had no better way to understand our great teachers who mastered this art and we ourselves were not ready to accept fully their philosophical reasoning, let alone posses an in depth knowledge to understanding clearly the main somatic and biological requirements for this wonderful process, the only way of giving description, definition and form to the varying functions required to be in place was by allowing our creative awareness to metaphorically portray this process as best we could and has today given us the freedom, through our technological advancements, to accumulate and collectively explore a great collection of compelling works based on varying knowledge in a condescending world wide quest for that ultimate state of vibrational synchrony which will allow one to achieve that ultimate dream.

In a compelling search to combat disease we have gone further to bring into existence great collective works of knowledge in how we are assembled to a point where we are able to classify in further detail the various organs and somatic processes responsible for attaining that ultimate state of vibrational synchrony, allowing us to shed a little more light on the knowledge those great teachers had attained and were trying to convey.

Our quest for that ultimate state of vibrational synchrony has spurred us further to accumulate and explore a great variety of techniques of which some involve sound vibration which attunes the brain to the correct frequency allowing us to consciously release our awareness of the body in a quest to reach a balanced state, as others may use techniques which involve various arterial compressions throughout the body in a fight to gain control over various central organs responsible for many important functions relating to heart rate as well as automatic and neural processes in a quest to achieve total synchronisation of the body’s processes and energy distribution to reach a state of synchrony with the mind. Others have and still do use some form of drug to induce and attain a particular vibrational state which in itself does not allow them to retain and remain at the Correct Frequency long enough.

It is never an easy task to achieve total transcendence as there are so many other factors which have to also be taken into account, from the nervous system on to the cardiovascular, the endocrine system and lymphatic amongst various other internal automatic processes which govern our lives which we have to battle against in a quest to achieving total harmony.

Although we are able to consciously control various somatic processes and bodily functions through various techniques. How ever hard we try and how ever many techniques we use we seem to never be able to remain long enough at the correct balanced state to allow us to achieve our dream and because of this, we can only experience a brief encounter with those higher states of vibrational awareness and the mental release which comes with it and nothing more.

The important thing here to remember is, focus has to be maintained at that which allows one to engage the key frequency as well as the exercises which allow the frequency to correlate within the body, this will be referenced further at a later time to gain a better perspective of their importance.


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