The Tabernacle.


 The mystery of the Tabernacle has remained for many centuries within a state of analytical but yet controversial clarification as to its existence.

Although there has been much discussion over the years, its true meaning has yet to be completely disclosed and has remained speculative due to the lack of substantial evidence clarifying its need to be.

The only way its true foundation could be fully disclosed and clearly understood had always remained experiential within its nature.

Throughout history you will find many who had left it behind as a marker of distinction and that of representation but yet a fundamental essentiality among those who chose to venture forward to become Greater in Consciousness with many of them choosing a variety of graphical expressions as others descriptive verse in trying to project a state of perceptive understanding.


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Here nothing is hidden other than left to the perceptive recognition of each individual’s perception to clearly understand what was being shown.

When there is little in the way of knowledge to aid clarification much mysticism and scepticism leads the way of Transcription.

The most common translation for the Tabernacle was and is, as described by the many, a portable sanctuary, a tent or even enclosure, but to imagine that one can merely achieve becoming greater in consciousness through building a portable shelter of some form, many would have surely achieved this wonderful process by now as we have always had the security of shelter in one form or another since the dawn of mankind.

The question to ask is what other substantial meaning did the Tabernacle hold..?

If you go further, within its terminology, you will find in addition to this translation that it was also used to describe a case or box or even a portable box of some form.

There has to be some form of fundamental purpose to substantiate the need of a shelter to be built or a portable box to be constructed in the first place and this is where the key to understanding lays.

What knowledge was the Tabernacle founded upon...?

Let us leave aside for a moment the practicality of translations and bring into focus something of greater value to help aid clarification.

First one needs to bring into focus the statement of "becoming Greater in Consciousness", and how one would be able to achieve such a great feat through transcending the barriers of mortal existence and traverse from within the physical plane to a dimension where everything becomes one, bringing forth the power of One onto the physical plane of being, then place aside for a moment the mysticism which has led the way within perception to allow a much more substantial and ethical point of view.

You know that you are who you are and with this you also know and understand all limitations which encompass your being, with this in view, your very own state of genetic makeup, your DNA, is that which defines your identity and with this the limitations which encompass your being, this can only mean that the difference between you and those who had achieved such a wonderful process, is that, each one of them, in their own way, tapped into some form of knowledge which gave them the ability to somehow manipulate their very own genetic makeup, their DNA, to a state which allowed them to fully transcend to a higher state of being.

If you for a moment follow this path of reasoning, in that somehow some form of genetic transition had to be in place, then there had to be a way to transcribe some form of genetic substance which allowed each of them to manipulate their DNA.

If you look to today’s science of microbiology, you will find, in order to transcribe a genetic substance, you have to have the use of one important tool to your hands, an incubator and with this a way through which it can be powered in order to create the correct environmental conditions needed for transcription to take place.

As there was little in the way of scientific technology or knowledge to power the way within those earlier years, the only way this could be achieved was through the construction of an incubator devised with the use of mirrors or some form of reflective material so it may be powered by the sun, small enough to be portable and designed to be able to hold the substances needed for transcription to take place, bringing forth the term Tabernacle, or through one of its translations, a portable box of some form.

One of the main obstacles one faced when it came to powering the Tabernacle was the Sun’s strength, where in many parts of the world, can increase at various times of the day, there also had to be a way through which its strength could be regulated to safeguard the substance from denaturing. This was carried out through the use of light curtain material, acting as a form of enclosure or heat regulator, and once again adds to the need of a portable sanctuary, or if you prefer, a Tabernacle to be built to carry out this wonderfully amazing process of genetic transcription.

Beyond this, one had to also possess knowledge of timescale, position, type of materials to use, dimensions, and most importantly the substances and their correct measurements needed for transcription.

The Tabernacle, in more ways than one, can now be seen in expression why it has remained for many centuries a marker of distinction but yet an essentiality. As stated within the start of this section, the Tabernacle has to be experiential within its nature for one to fully embrace its foundation and truly the only way forward is to experience it yourself.

For those who are still searching for clarity and understanding, within this website, shall find all the knowledge needed to take that step forward and to become Greater in Consciousness, but you must also have an open mind and be pure in intent to fully achieve this amazing process and with it, devote some time needed to prepare your body for a transitional experience of a lifetime.

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