The Method is a process of guiding steps which have been created to guide you in how to perfect your body to a genetic state that will allow you to transcend fully to a unified state of awareness. To be able to understand this state in further detail please visit the How section.


The initial steps of the process will outline how the body should first be prepared to undergo a genetic transformation through a controlled vegetarian diet for a period of 40 days.


The first 20 days are spent detoxifying the body through which you are further guided to building and preparing a portable solar incubator, which is to be used to prepare a relevant gene product. Once the preparations for this are complete the next 20 days are maintained at the same dietary requirements as the first, at the same time as administering the gene product that will initiate genetic transformation within the Human body.

During this time you would be guided to practice a Meditation technique, two times a day, at the same time as engaging Yoga practice.

The whole process is not very complex other than requiring a little commitment on your behalf through which you will achieve and experience fully the various stages of genetic transformation.

Should you wish to participate please use our contact form stating your intended interest in engaging within the process Logosgenesis, through which you will be directed to the relevant pages within this site to guide you.

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