What is the Flower of Life...?



Much of the knowledge which surrounds The Flower of Life has become detached and somehow hidden from clearly perceiving its true nature, in many ways that which cannot be clearly perceived can maintain as well as retain its essence.

Knowledge is only of use when it is able to yield wisdom for without substance it can only be seen as merely a subjective portrayal of the one who beholds it and without a point of reference through which it can be clearly conveyed and understood, only yields the creative path of illusion and subjective interpretation, nothing more than an analogy to its own provision and previous form.

With the Internet evolving today to a state we have never imagined it would, we have today reached a time where we are able to share our perceptive states of understanding with many others throughout the world in trying to unlock the great mysteries which have surrounded us for many centuries.


With little in the way of understanding we allow much of our perception to be lead by others in trying to understand the fundamental knowledge the Flower of Life is based upon. You can find thousands of sites alone on the Internet which will try to help you understand but at the same time it is very much left to the individual’s level of perception to make any sense out of it or not.


Maybe we are a little stuck or just maybe we are not searching hard enough.


Where can anyone find the true answers to such knowledge has always been of much debate throughout our colourful history and throughout all the ages, with only a few who had somehow attained the correct state of perceptive awareness required to unlock its mysteries and who had tried to convey to us in the best way they could the knowledge and the wisdom they had attained, we have often looked to our great teachers of our past and the founders of many of our colourful cultures which today’s civilizations are somehow founded upon.


The interesting thing is the majority of knowledge you access on the internet today holds pretty much the same conceptual understanding throughout the many thousands of sites eagerly trying to give you a clear perspective of the knowledge the Flower of Life is founded upon, as well as their point of view, but sadly the majority is repetitive within its conveyance and there is no where you can go to find anything new.


Well lets see if I can assist and maybe even help shed some light on the fundamental knowledge and wisdom the flower of life was and is based upon, but however you choose to understand this knowledge will be very much left to you, all I am here to do is guide your observations through adding more insight to the much common knowledge that you already have.


So without further delay a little repetition is required but at the same time clarity and with it a new way to look at the ever evolving knowledge which surrounds the Flower of Life.


First and foremost the famous image which can be found throughout the world and brought to you courtesy of Wikipedia

 This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0


For those of you who are new to the Flower of Life I will spare a few moments to outline a few basic facts about its existence.

As you can see from the above image the Flower of Life can be seen as a pattern which can be created by placing seven evenly-spaced, overlapping circles, that when arranged they form a flower-like pattern and which can be built up to create a six-fold symmetry pattern like a hexagon.

The image is said to contain the patterns of creation through which one is able to ascend the lower states of natural being to that of a god/goddess like status and for this has played a great part within our history.

For this reason The Flower of Life has represented great important meaning to many people throughout history. It can be found in temples, art, and manuscripts of cultures from all over the world.

Its images can be found throughout many of our cultures as well as many countries throughout the world, to name just a few, India, Turkey, Spain, China, Lebanon, Egypt, Austria, Denmark, England, Scotland, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Tibet, North and South America, the Middle East, North Africa, Italy, Austria, Israel, Cyprus and Hungary as well as within museums and art galleries throughout various other countries, with one of the oldest recordings being circa 3000bc at the Temple of Osiris in Abydos Egypt.

Here is a photo taken in Cyprus, the image here is found painted within the arch surrounding a church alter; the church here was at the time under renovation.

How ever much our world has changed throughout the millennia its image has somehow survived as a form of landmark to reflect upon and to challenge great minds and scholars alike throughout time with a hunger for understanding fully the reasons for its existence.

Although the image could be found throughout the world, its terminology was not as common as it is today, with the oldest reference found to date back to circa 36,000bc, within the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and which have been described by many as containing great hidden meaning, but then as the scribe himself quotes within his tablets of knowledge, “a mystery is but a lack of knowledge”, and with this only when one is able to attain the knowledge needed to truly understand, is he able to find the wisdom contained within it. For those who are not familiar with the Emerald Tablets; I will leave you to research them in your own way, other than to say that Thoth was in himself, what many term as an Ascended Master, but which leaves many people in many ways to consider his knowledge as well as his existence as speculative due to the interesting content of the Emerald Tablets.

Further to this the Flower of Life has given rise to many conceptual processes as well as various forms of understanding, which within themselves have been and still are of great interest to many throughout the world for the reason they are said to contain knowledge on how a person can ascend from the lower planes of existence to a state which holds god/goddess like status and with this eternal life.

Here are a few of these processes:

Ka Ba Ankh


Moving from one culture to the next, I could spend a lifetime writing about all the concepts as well as belief systems and how they are linked with The Flower of Life, as well as the commonalities they all seem to revolve around, should anyone require an in depth understanding or analysis of these the Internet is the place to research them all, I will express that they are but transitions within themselves and a way through which understanding was given to those within individual common eras they were taught in, through metaphorical transcription and in some ways in a graphical sense, after all how else could one possibly express a process of transition through which one is able to attain god/goddess like status or as I often reflect upon an ultimate state of perfected consciousness.


It would be difficult to convey such a transition if clear perceptual knowledge was not available at the time it was expressed, unlike today where we have technology, as well as an in depth knowledge of Microbiology and Genetics, which would allow us to study a transformation of this nature and at the same time bring about a new way of perceiving and defining such a process with much clearer definition, well that is on the basis anyone could possibly achieve such a process once again.

The pattern within itself, due to its clever inter-connecting circles, has been used within many of the processes/belief systems to convey a variety of transitional stages through which the spirit and its counter part unite to become one.

To assist in giving further understanding of The Flower of Life we shall focus for a time upon some of the main parts of the transitions depicted which have surrounded the Flower of Life for many centuries and can be considered as in some ways the basis through which clearer definition can be gained.

Through guidance and experience we gain knowledge and with it the wisdom it yields for the experience within itself is undoubting truth.

Where best to begin than the Vesica Piscis, a Latin word literally meaning bladder of a fish, but most certainly beyond this literal meaning is also known as the Seed of Life which depicts the seven days of creation. Further to this which is wonderfully interesting, the seven stages can also be seen as the basis through which The Flower of Life image can be constructed as shown within the following diagram.

It is truly wonderful to behold such a transition for when you are able to truly understand the knowledge it portrays you gain clearer definition.

The sequence of images here portray the seven days of Creation. The big question is of what?

What is seldom understood or clearly perceived are the transitional stages these images portray is one which a genetic transformation is engaged.

To give clearer definition of this transitional expression we need to introduce a piece of knowledge which has lay hidden from clear perception and at the same time introduce one of the most important parts of the Brain system.

Deep inside the centre of the Brain, between the two major hemispheres, lays a small pea shaped gland identified today as the Pineal Gland and termed throughout much of our history as the Third Eye.

Courtesy from crystalinks.com we have the following images:


Throughout time the Third Eye somehow retained a form of hidden meaning, it has often been referred to as the gateway to the soul and the gateway through which one was able to venture forward into alternate dimensions of being.

For one to venture forward one has to be able to retain and maintain the correct vibration/frequency and this is the way it is done, this will be explained in more detail within another section which describes the genetic changes which take place within the body.

The transitional stages portrayed by the Vesica Piscis, above, are one which a genetic transformation is engaged within the Human Brain System, from the start to the seventh day where the Pineal begins development.

Creations number is Seven, for on the seventh day of initiation a pulse/vibration is felt within the centre of the forehead and through which one is able to acknowledge the transformation has truly become engaged.


 Personal Stock Image.


Next a little focus is needed on The Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life holds and retains within it a variety of meanings but in essence should be devided within three categories.

The first category...

Courtesy from crystalinks.com we have the following images.

Within this category one can find images showing very much a tree and is said that he who eats from its fruit shall have eternal life, which has been portrayed through the centuries in a variety of graphical forms, as shown above.

It has also been known Within other translations as the Tree of Knowledge and can also be found referenced in many other ways throughout many cultures within the world.

Although through translation many have expressed its meaning, The Tree of Life still very much retains its mystery, for only those who truly eat from its fruit stand to gain above all knowledge and clarity and with it understanding for the reasons it has come to exist.


The second category holds a variety of transitional expressions which have also been referenced by many as The Tree of Life but are in reflection portrayals of states of awareness.

 The knowledge held within the images above is seldom expressed clearly.
What they try to convey are a variety of different states of awareness one transcends through as their perception of the world around them and of life engages transition as wisdom is gained.

Once the transition to oneness has been engaged, ones awareness moves from that of the lower levels, which are often expressed as the levels where we mostly dwell within through out our every day lives, to the higher levels of awareness, as things become clearer.


The third category of transitional expressions are portrayed primarily through combining the transitions of awareness with what many have today come to term as the Subtle Body...

Personal Stock Image

To achieve a complete transition to a state of oneness and that of a more perfected state of consciousness, complete balance has to be engaged throughout the entire body.

As a set of scales out of balance, equilibrium is seldom reached, but once order is restored to chaos clarity can be gained.

One must bring focus to that which controls all things within the body, the Brain, for when this is achieved a correlated effect can be and is experienced throughout the body system, bringing into expression The Subtle Body.

During the development of the Third Eye, or we should here introduce its medical term, the Pineal gland, the left and right hemispheres of the human Brain system begin to become coordinated to a balanced frequency state through which internal balance correlates throughout the Body System.

As the Brain reaches this balanced state, the effects experienced are those of energy traversing and rising throughout the body; this does not happen all in one go, as many may imagine it, rather over a period of time which corresponds with the Pineal glands entrainment and off course how hard one works at it.

The final stage of alignment brings focus to the head region where the energy rises through the head creating a halo effect and ascending to the top of the crown where a fountain effect of energy flowing and rising up and out of the head is experienced.

On many levels those who had achieved such a process, the only way they could possibly convey or portray their experiences with ease was in a graphical sense, which have left behind the transitional expressions we eagerly study today.

Many would look upon this state as a final stage where one ascends to oneness and would like to add that this is by far incorrect for it is but a transitional stage and one which confirms the Brain is reaching a balanced, coordinated frequency state and at the same time one which beholds a wonderful experience.

As the Brain reaches a balanced state of being and the correlated effects are felt throughout the Body System, the Third Eye, or the Pineal gland, reaches the final stages of its development and with it brings about another transitional expression, which takes us on to the next expression left behind which many often reflect upon.

The Light Body.

Courtesy from crystalinks.com we have the following images:



Expressed through many creative images throughout the world today and within many cultures is the Light Body, the final phase through which one begins the ultimate journey of lifetimes.

This transitional state is also reflected upon by many as the vehicle of ascension as well as the Living Breathing Field.

This transitional state is often expressed through showing an interlocking system of two triangles, one facing downwards and the other overlaying the first facing upwards, surrounding the body and in many ways projected three dimensionally as a tetrahedron.

One of the main key points to focus upon here is the term The Living Breathing Field, for it is exactly in every sense a living breathing field.
To assist in gaining better understanding one needs to focus on its origins through which one can appreciate the reason for it being expressed and conveyed in this manner.

This state is above all things not an imagery phase which one experiences through the mind but very much a physical state and one which offers a wonderful experience within itself.

As the Pineal gland reaches its final stages of development something wonderful takes place, a sequence of two fields of energy are defined across the face, with the base of the first reaching across from the left eye to the right and its peak resting just above the centre of the top lip and the other with the base across from the left cheek to the right and peaking to the centre of the eye brows, to form two inter-locking triangles, within the centre of the face.

Personal Stock Image.

 As stated earlier, its all about vibration, but it very much relies on the correct vibration/frequency and having a way through which one is able to retain and maintain it and this is very much how one is able to consciously know they have attained and retained the correct vibration or frequency state, I would imagine many will wish to understand further what exactly the correct vibration/frequency is, as well as how one is able to attain it and for this a new section to aid further understanding is available.

Within each and every day once the correct frequency has become engaged it is consistently experienced physically as a pulse as each triangle pulses in turn within the centre of the face with every beat, to express this further, it is like having a heart beating in the centre of the face in the form of a star through which the breath can be sequenced and focused and thus gives rise to the term The Living Breathing Field.

As an end point to this transition, it is important to understand, the field begins from within the body and must be trained to extend outwards through daily practise, through which, the vehicle of ascension, as many term this wonderful transition, is engaged.

To bring this section to a conclusion, The Flower of Life can now be appreciated as being the image through which one is able to achieve all the transitional stages expressed within this section but for those who think the Flower of Life is the key to ascension they are only part correct for the Flower of Life is only part of the key.

In expression, Creation has placed within our world a Transcriptional image called the Flower of Life through which one can use to reach a more perfected state of consciousness. It is only when one can truly understand the true nature of all things which have to be in balance can they truly embark on the journey of Lifetimes.

It is through this all things become clear and through this Mankind shall embrace the New Age and his final stage of evolution.

But by no means should anyone look upon this process as an easy task to achieve for the process within itself requires, preparation of the body, the mind and the heart but above all things, it requires and relies upon the correct transcription of a genetic substance, as well as its careful preparation, to aid the process to be engaged for it is above all a real process in every way and is why you will see the term Alchemy expressed every so often.


Please note there are a few other transitional expressions within this process which have not been referenced within this section.

images licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

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