From the vibrational essence of your awareness maintained by your minds ability to the vibrational essences of your body there is something yet missing and that something is that which gives you guidance, your very own higher self, your higher state of awareness, your inner god/goddess if you so wish, your spirit force who’s vibrational essence is at a frequency which awaits for you to create a conscious connection to under the correct conditions of synchronising the mind and the body from within.


Always one with us but always separated by our perceptive state of awareness, two and yet always one, an energy which always exists with a sole purpose of learning how to love unconditionally, how to perfect its self, gather knowledge and guiding its very existence in a long quest in search for the correct state of awareness to unite with and to free itself from the boundaries of time space it has been placed within, a material dimension of perceptive awareness that ties it within a state of perpetual darkness.


Living and existing over and over on a journey back home always burning with desire, giving its love to its body which seems to always be tied and driven by a world built on vibration and steered through a process of cause and effect.


Always one but yet two at the same time so near and yet so far apart.


How much it longs and how much it craves to find that correct state of awareness which it can finally unite with and set itself free and to finally become one with everything.


Patiently waiting for the right one who would learn to turn their vibration of love within and love them selves for what they truly are.


So how do you make the two into one? The answer to this question is by unlocking the hidden ability mentioned earlier, through which you will embark on an inner journey to a dimension prepared for you and will be the second journey you will experience. Without warning you will journey to a place of intent, a dimension prepared for you, where you will be given the opportunity to unite your spirit with your heart.


But be aware that it is by no means an automatic process for you must be able to win its love with your purest of intent.


To help guide you, remember one important thing and this is place your trust fully within your Love and let it guide your way.


So if you are ready to finally make this life time the one that counts and to take that final journey, then follow my guidance so I can show you how to truly Become the Dream.



Should you however decide this lifetime is not the one for you to achieve such a process then I can only say... Namaste and thank-you for your time.




For those who would like to know more about this process and to further explore the effects they would experience through the various stages of genetic transformation, please visit the Results & Conclusions Page, which has also been created to aid the geneticists and microbiologists to further understand this process.




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