Last but not least is our sensory system which allows us to experience things within a conscious and subconscious state but with a difference and the difference is that during subconscious states when we experience dreams we awaken to know the experience was a dream as its perceptive experience was merely imagery and within the fully conscious state where we are awake and are actively living we experience life through knowing we are awake as all our sensory systems are integrated through a complex design of receptors and neural pathways which allow us to simultaneously analyse and experience the awakened state of mind.


From here on I can only suggest there is a form of neural synchrony which takes place through some form of neural binding process to which new neural pathways are formed within the Brain system to allow a synchronised effective process to take place, which integrates and enhances the sensory system to operate fully within an altered state of consciousness.


A state which is experienced on a conscious level which allows you to know you are present within an alternate dimension of being, by being able to feel, see, touch as well as give you the ability to move freely, fully experience and exist within it.


All I can say from experiencing this state is that it is above all things an experience and a memory which no one can ever forget. All I can say is that you are there and you know you are there for you can feel, see, control and experience everything. A state where you are fully conscious and yet disconnected from the body and the time space it occupies.


Although you would be able to unlock and tap into such an Ability, it is by far no automatic self powered process, because its development is completely activity dependant, which means you would need to be actively developing your Meditation techniques as well as maintaining an actively healthy body and mind, to fully master its capabilities.


Its initiation and development also relies on the careful preparation of the body as well as its maintenance in the correct manner. It requires the correct nutrients to be supplied so it may also continue to function at its optimum level.


If you are interested in achieving this process, I will outline everything required as you actively engage within the process contained within this website.


If we take a moment here to understand what this ability actively achieves, it would further allow us to acknowledge that without it would most certainly make the task of transcending fully the lower states of vibrational awareness to reach a unified state of higher awareness and to actively remain within that correct balanced frequency pretty much an impossible task to achieve without.


Further to this we must also master the art of letting go, fully releasing ourselves from those lower states of vibration which ties the awareness to the body, for we now finally have a way of maintaining its needs.


As a last note, this process of completing the brains undeveloped neural pathways may well be the next and final state within our evolution as well as give us the opportunity to finally understand fully various parts of our Brains optimal functional states and abilities as well as maybe help us overcome various neural conditions and allow us to further repair and maintain the body.


There is however one more thing you need to understand and that is, this process is by no means complete for it lacks one very important element and that is that which you truly are and which takes us on to the final part within this section.




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