First and foremost are the two cerebral hemispheres of our Brain, the left and the right and which operate through an effect of lateralization that dictates which side of the Brain is dominant at any particular given time of given activity. The objective is to achieve a state through which the two hemispheres can be maintained, engaged and coordinated in a balanced state at the correct frequency.


The way in which the new neural pathways are generated, linked and interact will give us this ultimate ability as I will explain further down the page.


As a side note here I would like to add, as i have very little in the way of scientific instruments which would allow me to guage the frequency state of the Brain system reaching a balanced coordinated state, I used a very crude way of concluding the satate had been reached through an online test to see which side of the brain I mostly used, through watching a rotating image, although very crude it explains that if you see the image rotate left to right you use mostly one side of the brain and vice versa. For reference the image does complete one cycle within a clockwise direction, which is repeated constantly.


I found that within the early stages, I had very little control over which side of the Brain I mostly used let alone being able to switch between the two sides, but since unlocking this new ability, I found that the image would not rotate at all but just pivot from left to right and back again. However I also found that I had complete control over which side of the Brain was more dominant.


If we go further to examine our Brains interconnecting wires we also find the left side of the brain is wired to the right side of the body and the right side of the Brain to the left side of the body. This inter-connecting system within its self holds great importance for when we are able to complete the Brains neural schematic so that both hemispheres function at a balanced coordinated state, will give us the ability to load balance and synchronise further our bio electric energy distribution throughout the body and its functioning organs to aid and promote a state of homeostasis.


This function plays a great role within the healing and maintenance of the body to which I may discuss in further detail at a later time.


Now I hope you are ready for the next section as this will most certainly if not amaze you, will make you question a lot of things.


For us to achieve all of these internal functions allowing us to systematically reach this ultimate synchronised state of mind with the body and truly become masters of our House, we have to have a Mediator whose sole purpose is to attune everything.


Well we have and we now go directly to the heart of the matter.


If we explore our brain further we find that deep within the centre of the Brains two hemispheres seats a tiny little gland called the Penal gland, this gland is yet to be completely understood due to the fact that our internal wiring schematic has been incomplete for many generations, it holds some very important functions which have yet to be completely understood for when this gland is correctly wired and developed it acts as a Mediator between the two hemispheres of our Brain, allowing us to load balance the left side of the Brain with the right to a uniformed functioning state as mentioned earlier, allowing us to use both of the two hemispheres of the Brain at a balanced coordinated frequency.


I mentioned earlier the vibrational frequency state which allows us to gain access to our higher state of awareness known as the Theta state, which we achieve through the use of various Meditation techniques.


Would it not be a wonderful thing to be able to literally sense that actual Vibration.


Would it not be perfection above all things, to have a built in Regulator which is constantly attuned to the most important frequency of all that always gives us the ability to know the exact required frequency to coordinate the Brains balanced state and to maintain the entire body and mind at, to know that our focus can be totally released from trying desperately to maintain the body at that correct frequency.


Well this is it, with its development the Penal gland acts as a built in Regulator which relies on the practise of Meditation to develop to a state where it constantly and effortlessly registers and maintains the correct frequency for us. This allows us to harness that important frequency and maintain it.


As this gland is in a way the heart of vibrational balance its ability to act as a built in Regulator allows its Interaction between the neural circuits within the Brain system to coordinate synchrony of our body systems and to maintain the load balancing of our internal energy distribution that further allows its interaction and coordination of the hypothalamus to synchronise and coordinate our voluntary and automatic functions, also maintaining our subconscious control of skeletal muscles and activities of our nervous and endocrine systems through the same correlating frequency to achieve and maintain a state of homeostasis.


Would it not also be a wonderful and most perfect of things to be able to somehow experience that vibration through your senses allowing you to know it is working in the background, well with this new ability you now can and this is how it happens.


I will now move on to the next important function this ability also gives and takes us on to another important part of our body the Sinus system.


A system which has yet to disclose fully its reasons for existing for when its neural pathways are complete, it allows us to consciously experience that important vibration.


Once the Penal gland has become fully developed and attuned to the correct frequency through Meditation it projects the vibration through new neural pathways created within the Sinus system to manifest as a pulse that can clearly be felt within the Sinus region of the face allowing us to consciously feel, experience and use the frequency as a template to consciously control our breaths contraction to the required vibration and at the same time allow us to maintain the balance of pressure and temperature within the head through the same correlating frequency.


I can truly say from experience this is an incredible sensation as I hope you will experience first hand in time to come as well as an experience which in its self discloses further understanding of various knowledge around us.




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