I would like now to present a brief synopsis of how a form of DNA transformation can be initiated to stimulate a process of neural plasticity within the human Brain system and how the new neural pathways within the Brain system can function, interact and maintain themselves through a specific correlating frequency.


To each process there is a name through which it can be referenced and defined and so to this process I here now name as Logosgenesis.


As I am not a geneticist or neurologist and have no means of recording the brains electrical activity or carrying out in depth scans on the brain system and the body I can only give a metaphysical evaluation as well as use various forms of terminology openly, but at the same time I am also supplying an empirical view of this process.





The preparation and administration of a specific gene regulatory protein, to aid and initiate the systematic development of neural pathways within the Human Brain system. To further aid the development of a Neural Regulator to Interact and Mediate the enhancement of synaptic efficacy at an explicit neural frequency through correlated network activity to promote De-lateralization of variable hemispheric operable frequency coordination and establish predominant coordinated synchronization of the two major hemispheres of the Human Brain system to promote and coordinate a state of Homeostasis, and to further aid and coordinate synaptic enhancement of the sensory system to promote sensory integration within an altered state of consciousness.


To start I will discuss in brief how we initiate the unlocking of a wonderful ability that lays dormant within each of us and which you can never imagine existed.


Once the body has been prepared through the preliminary guidelines contained within the Method section and the regulatory gene protein has been produced and administered, we have within our body certain types of special cells which when activated in the correct manner by a hormone and neurotransmitter secreted by the adrenal gland, will deliver once introduced into the body a product to initiate Transcription Activation within our DNA to promote new neural pathways to be systematically generated within the Brain system.


The secretion of this neurotransmitter relies on the body being stimulated through a form of exercise routine.

Due to the optimal requirements the neural frequency requires to operate through, which is the theta frequency, we need to focus our exrcise routines on a series of activities which have been identified to coordinate an enhancement within the body system at that particular frequency...  


Although there are many different types of exercise routines which can be engaged the best ones for this process are those which use the controlled focus of breath through various poses to enhance internal energy balance, at the same time as free the mind, known as Yoga. This allows stimulation of the body in the correct manner to deliver the instruction of change.


This is very much a general overview of how this process is initiated to aid a form of genetic transformation and hope to revise this in further detail in the future. I will now spend a little time to go through some of the main parts as I understand which the new neural pathways affect as well as how they interact within the Brain system to promote a state of homeostasis, for this I will use various medical terms to try to describe the process and the resulting effects.




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