To be able to complete a puzzle we must first be in possession of the complete picture as well as all the pieces and only then can we hope to complete it.


The greatest question ever asked and reflected upon is, How did those Great Masters achieve such a wondrous process, how did they manage to harness such a vibration, retain it and remain there long enough to finally open those inner doors and to consciously dwell within that alternative dimension of being.


For them to have achieved such a state of being would have meant gaining access to some form of knowledge, which gave them the ability to function at that specific frequency and yet we know the vibrational frequency which this state is achieved through, but somehow we have not gained access to the knowledge they had attained. Were we ready for such knowledge and yet are we any closer today in fully understanding clearly what they were desperately trying to portray.


To even begin to contemplate some form of answer to such a question would need one to first achieve the same level of perceptive awareness as they had gained and only then could one hope to begin to understand the answer.


In a never ending search for clarity and understanding of the knowledge which the Great Masters wisdom was based upon, we have gathered a great collection of works based upon peoples very own analytical creative perspective expressions throughout the centuries, which have spread much misconception in a condescending and compelling search of an answer.


Through this process we have reached so many inconsistent perceptive states of awareness which have for many years divided many societies as well as force many to reach a state where they have come to merely accept the works and past achievements of those Great Masters in many ways as speculative knowledge, as their individual passionate search for attaining the same wondrous state of being has yielded little results. Many have even come to question and doubt those Great Masters even existed let alone conceivably accept the existence of any other form of dimension other than the one they can see and touch.


One thing is certain and that is for there to exist so much compelling knowledge, something must have happened and yet why cant it happen again, could anyone possibly achieve such a process again and yet if they did would your perceptive state of awareness allow you to possibly conceive that anyone could have the answer you have long been in search of.


As I stated on the home page, this is a website with a difference and the difference is that here you will gain the knowledge, as well as a different perspective point of view of how those Great Masters had managed to achieve such a wonderful process as well as gain the guidance needed to be able to achieve the same process yourself and yes it can be done again and yes it is very real, as it is a process which you can experience within the realm of the physical rather than the realm of the imagination. But it is up to you as an individual with free will as to whether you will allow your awareness to accept a new form of understanding in how this process is achieved.


The knowledge I have to offer will not be for everyone as there will be many who’s perceptive awareness will not allow them to perceive things in any way, shape, or form differently to the way they have come to recognise as truth, but for those who are willing to open their hearts and their minds to accepting a different perceptive point of view will engage a journey of self discovery never before experienced.


The biggest question is will you be one of those who will take advantage of this moment and engage on a journey to reaching a state of unified awareness within this lifetime or will you wait until the next, when you will have a new perceptive state of awareness.


So where to form here, other than to give you the answer to that great question…

How did they do it…?


To answer such a question you would need to look at the question in a slightly different way. Rather asking How, you should ask… what if… what if they somehow unlocked some form of hidden ability which lays dormant within each of us and the only way they could possibly convey the transformational genetic changes they experienced led to the teachings they left behind.


The answer… as you may have gathered does lie within a hidden and undeveloped Ability which each and everyone has yet to attain and master.


It is an Ability which lays dormant within each of us which can only be unlocked through altering our genetic makeup, allowing us to complete our Brains neural schematic and in turn allow us to harness and consciously experience that important frequency, through which we can attune the mind and the body with and to truly give us the power to finally release our selves from those lower states of awareness to unite fully with our higher state of awareness and to achieve a state of perfected consciousness.


As we have gathered today much new knowledge and understanding within the fields of Biology, Genetics, Neurology and Microbiology, we will be able to at last understand this process with clearer definition, through which we will be able to gain a new perspective state of awareness based upon the practicality of the knowledge we have gathered rather than allow our individual fields of creative awareness to lead the direction, as the time has now come to convey and portray that knowledge in a different way.


So, what is this ability about and how does it help us achieve such a state of being


A process through which we have the ability to promote the systematic development of neural pathways at a specific neural frequency and through which we can Harness its vibration and remain at that Frequency with ease long enough to consciously dwell within it.


I will now spend a little time to give further and clearer definition to how the development of neural pathways within the brain system can act and maintain themselves through a specific correlating frequency and which takes us to the next all important section in understanding How it is done.




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