It is as though we swim to the bottom of an ocean and stand before a great glass doorway and can only look through rather than be able to remain long enough to open the doorway to gain access.


It takes many years to master the art of transcendence and yet we find we run out of time to reach a true state of total vibrational balance. So how is it done, do we go and study studiously the great works of those who had mastered the art in hope that one day we will somehow reach that ultimate state of vibrational awareness; or do we carry on searching through countless generations of interpretations of those great teachers works in hope that we will somehow understand exactly what they were trying to portray.


I somehow feel we have been on this road too long and it is now time to look at things in a different way to gain the wisdom needed to achieve our dream.


We know we have the ability to achieve this process and yet there is still something missing that will allow us to attain, retain and remain at that ultimate state of vibrational synchrony that will allow us to unlock those inner doors once and for all.


To understand how we can achieve a state of total harmony we need to focus on the part of our body which is the driving force behind everything as well as the key to achieving total harmony; our Brain which is responsible for coordinating all our somatic and bodily functions and which houses our self awareness.


Our Brain is divided into two cerebral hemispheres, the left and the right.

The left hemisphere of our Brain is mainly used for reading, writing, mathematics, reasoning skills, logic, decision making, speech, language, memorizing as well as help in analysing detail through our sensory system.


The right hemisphere of our brain is our creative side, we also use this side for development of our motor skills and sense of spatial orientation as well as control of our senses (touch, smell, sight, taste, feel), also known as the visual side which we use for Art appreciation as well as recognition of faces, we also use this side of the brain to project our state of being through controlling our vocal tones and also houses our emotions our ability to daydream as well as visualisation skills and allows us to learn through experiencing things.


Although we know we use both hemispheres of our Brain fairly simultaneously we find men use mostly the left and women use mostly the right this goes further and allows us to use a form of terminology to identify the left and right by Male and Female, further to this we can say that our Brain is similar to a set of scales which seems to always be out of balance as one side is more dominant than the other. This goes further within the study of our Brains functional states to further define this action as a state of lateralization.


The problem we are faced with is although we are able to identify as well as quantify the frequency responsible for experiencing those higher states of vibrational awareness, what we seldom understand is that this frequency is an overall frequency of overall function of the two hemispheres of the Brain and the two halves of the Brain operate consistently at variable individual hemispheric frequencies which are often extremely difficult if not impossible to reach a state where they are both synchronised at a unifying frequency.


How ever hard we may try and how ever many techniques we may use, we can never seam to reach a true state of complete balance where both hemispheres can be maintained and engaged at a balanced coordinated state at that Correct Frequency which will promote internal balance.


We need to somehow understand that we are incomplete and our body has not evolved to the correct genetic state which will allow us to consciously achieve such a task.


We know we are wired for attaining those higher states of vibrational awareness but the wiring schematic is somehow incomplete and because of this we have an inability to consciously engage the Brain to function and maintain itself at the correct state required to bring everything into harmony.



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