DNA Activation a path to Self Evolvement and Experiencing the Art of Seeing Clearly.

DNA the complex building blocks of life which contain the encoding sequences that define what you are, who you are and how you appear to all around you.

A complex sequence of switches which define the way you look as well as how your body functions through the instructions it hides within its beautiful structure.
The key and the door to perfection above all for as our genetic make up evolves to a higher perfected state so do we.

To be able to take control and programme our genetic sequence would help us not only eradicate various inherited disorders of the body, but would also allow us to combat disease in ways we have never been able to do within our past.

All over the world microbiologists and geneticists work eagerly to unlock its secrets to allow us to take control of its wielding force through desperately trying to find ways in being able to control it’s subtle but yet forceful sequences through the many conventional methods under investigation today.

It is truly wonderful to have evolved to a state where we are able to look beyond the surface of the body and to be able to actively explore the foundations of our very own being in a directive quest to take control of its power.

Many may argue that carrying out such an in-depth evaluation with the intent to take control of our evolutionary state is wrong and goes totally against the grain as to speak, but yet others would argue that the need for such a science to exist is objectively clear.

Does the early Alchemist compare any less to the present day microbiologist or geneticist and yet where would we all be without those who reach far within in an earnest search for an answer to a quest.

We do not yet clearly understand that it is within our nature as well as our objective to each become Alchemists in one way or another, it is but the way we have perfected the Art and the expressive terminology we have chosen to classify those who specialise within it, as well as the level at which they are presently able to actively explore the mechanics of our very being, through the technological advancements we have made, that has today placed some division within the world.

Although Science today has given us a more practical and substantial approach to being able to understand that the only way we can truly unlock our full human potential is through our ability to programme the sequential structure of our DNA, there still remain many questions which are unanswerable at present to scientific observation, analysis, or experimentation, in being able to fully understand the clear mechanics within the process of being able to transcend/ascend to a higher perfected state of being. All we have are the notes left to us by those who had achieved this process within our past and very little in the way of clear foresight into how it was exactly accomplished.

It is the way things are and the way they shall always remain, for science will undoubtedly be able to give us many logical answers to many things, through analytical expression, but at the same time there will always remain areas where science can never venture or touch, to be able to give logical and analytical understanding for their existence, other than to wait for new found knowledge to help guide our way.

So many questions and so much creative perception in trying to define the answers, which have brought much debate as well as study throughout the millennia, to the extent where we have today created new branches of philosophical study to help us bring some much needed light to many of the unexplainable things we often encounter through experiencing a higher perceptive state of being. The most prominently recognised branch of philosophy today which we use to investigate principles of reality transcending those of any particular science is Metaphysics.

Although many may look upon the foundation of Metaphysics as being an un-empirical as well as pragmatic, analytical and expressive, evaluation in studying the nature of our being, it has today evolved to a scientific state within its own condition where some of its branches use instruments to help evaluate as well as study various perceptive states of being.

This has helped actively explore as well as prove that each state of experiencing life, the Human Brain system seems to enter a variable and yet definable state of frequency/vibration which correlates towards defining our particular state of being at any given moment of experiencing life.

Majority of time we just function without the need of understanding some of the important mechanics behind our existence.

Our awareness exists within a complex biological structure called the Brain which has the ability to retain information, logically analyze it and put it to use which sets us above other life forms within our world and at the same time gives us an evolving ability to perfect our self awareness through the accumulation of knowledge, which propels us towards finding ways of perfecting our body within each cycle of life and with each generation, allowing us to adopt to our ever changing environment as well as control the way we exist within it.

Our Brain is structured in a manner which it is able to actively retain and project biological electrical impulses or if you prefer specific frequencies of vibration which help us communicate with each other, retain and analyse information as well as maintain our important bodily functions which help us live. In effect we rely, thrive and live on vibration for without it we would not exist.

We each have a built in ability to attune to, retain and project vibration which in its self gives each person their own essence of awareness which propels their personality and individuality and the ability to control, either on a conscious or sub-conscious level, the various perceptive states of vibration which each person transcends through each and every day of their lives.

On the whole we are each large sympathetic resonance machines living and existing within a creative resonance field of integration and interaction through a diversity of perceptive states of vibration which ties the perception to the physical body and the physical world around it.

Through the use of instruments which measure our brains electrical impulses, we have been able to gain better understanding and give clearer definition in how we function by being able to quantify and study how each state of experiencing life is within itself a mere projection of vibration/frequency which can be used to recognise when the body is regenerating or healing, actively being creative, at rest or at work and so on, giving us further understanding that our somatic processes themselves which are mostly regulated by neuroreceptors and neurotransmitters of bio-electrical energy also rely on those particular states of vibration for their correct functionality, promoting to our health.

For anyone who wishes to study further these various states, they are classified under frequency wave ranges termed and grouped under various Greek alphabetical characters Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta as well as other variable classification states.

Through further in depth studies of these variable frequency states of vibration which we traverse and project throughout our lives, we have today been able to quantify the particular vibration/frequency state responsible for us gaining access to our higher states of awareness, a frequency which is prominently induced by controlling our very own mental processes through various techniques of Meditation, which has been classified as the Theta state.

For many to quantify the particular frequency responsible for experiencing a higher state of being would be of importance and yet to others it plays no importance for under the correct conditions where they are able to consciously release their awareness of the body and the physical world around them, they are able to reach a state which allows them to experience, know and attain higher levels of awareness and at the same time a state which opens the inner doors to an alternate dimension of being.

Though analytical, creative expression and a quest for attaining that ultimate frequency many explore various methods which involve sound and music to encourage brainwave synchronization, as others believe studiously meditating will give them the ability to attain that ultimate vibration of being.

In a quest for ascending to the ultimate state of divine being others have come to understand that somehow we have not yet genetically evolved to the correct state required and with perseverance they explore a variety of methods which they believe encourages some form of DNA activation, through the use of sound, music, crystals and images, which are said to convey specific frequencies of vibration which will somehow help them unlock their full human potential.

Which ever way you may look at these creative methods, the principle process they rely upon is very much the same, as they all rely on the Art of Meditation, a time and a way in which each person is able to bring focus and direction in to their life path as well as their being, which allows them to subjectively experience an altered state of being through engaging the brain to experience a specific vibration/resonant frequency.

If Meditation alone was the way to achieving that ultimate state of divine being, it would have been achieved a long time ago and everyone would be doing it and for those who believe it to encourage DNA activation/manipulation, they are but only deceiving themselves, for once again this too would have been proven.

What many fail to understand is, Meditation is the way and will always remain that way.

You may well at this point be saying if Meditation is the way to gaining access to our higher states of awareness and through which one can become a divine being, then logically this state must therefore be achieved through this process alone and since we can prove the brain requires a specific working frequency, through which one is able to reach, through a state of meditation, then this must all one need to do.

Well you are right to think it that way, but you must also be able to logically look at it in a much different way, being that meditation is but a tool through which one is able to reach and experience the specific frequency of vibration required.

We know Meditation holds the way in which one is able to reach that particular state of being but you must also acknowledge it is purely at a level of experiencing that specific frequency state and nothing more.

The problem one often faces is, although they are able to reach and experience the frequency/vibration, how ever hard or long they may practise, or try, they can never attain, retain, maintain and remain at the correct frequency with ease long enough to consciously dwell within it.

We know we have the potential to become divine beings as it has already been proven to us through those great masters and teachers within our past, but yet there still seems to be some form of wisdom missing.

When we apply the power of thought and the vibration of intent through the art of Meditation, one can achieve many wonderful things. In a way we do achieve a variable but never permanent state of DNA activation, through which above all we achieve one of the most important things we can ever truly hope to achieve and that is a connection to our very own higher selves, or using some creative textual phrases, our inner god/goddess if you so wish, our sprit force who awaits eagerly for us to notice who and what we truly are.

Through this connection one is able to access great knowledge and guidance to achieving their intent but how ever hard one may try and how ever long they may practice they can never achieve a physically permanent state of DNA alteration.

It is like being able to swim to the bottom of an ocean and stand before a great glass door which you are able to look through but somehow do not hold the key to be able to unlock the door to gain access and without the key I am afraid you achieve very little in the way of becoming an ascended being of a higher order, other than a being with a more substantial and much needed approach to existing.

At one time or another you have to face the facts and know and understand that how ever long or hard you may practise the various techniques of Meditation, you will never achieve complete transcendence otherwise those who have been on the long road to becoming enlightened ascended beings would have most certainly achieved the task by now through this process and once again everyone would be doing it.

You can and do however, as I have explained, through this process create a stronger connection to your life force, by creating a correlated effective memory path, through which the vibration/frequency needed to maintain and strengthen that connection is created/imprinted and with this through experiencing an altered state of being, an alteration within ones perceptive state of awareness is engaged.

What is seldom understood or appreciated is that this process allows you to learn and master a new Art called The Art of Seeing Clearly, where you learn to walk with the spirit and that unconditional loving force which is there to guide you.

Once such a connection is achieved, the spirit will give its guidance but only through the correct perceptive state of awareness and practice can one hope to understand clearly the signs it uses for guidance, as well as hope to master this art to the extent where one is able to communicate with it. 

when one is able to achieve such a connection, It is but a disposition within perception which stands within the way of understanding clearly the knowledge offered for the knowledge perceived may not always be the solution to your quest or intent and only when you can truly understand the question can you truly stand to reflect on the knowledge which is sometimes offered. In some ways this can be described as one of those little magical moments of serendipity which is often perceptually experienced and instead of searching and searching for understanding many sadly subject their perception to be lead by others, rather than keep searching and searching to gain understanding.

It is never an easy task to gain wisdom out of knowledge when there are so many interpretations of how one is able to achieve a state of divine being. The only question you can truly ask yourself is, would my current state of perception allow me to engage such a process if it where shown to me…? How ever diverse it may seem.


Before I conclude this section, I feel the need to address another one of those interesting belief systems which has creatively evolved throughout time and this is where many look to achieving complete transcendence in having the ability to align the energy centres of the body through the practise of certain techniques of yoga/meditation.

The wisdom this process is based upon is not only does the brain require to function at the specific frequency/vibration required, but must also be able to engage the same frequency state to a point where it is able to correlate throughout the whole of the body, so a state of complete balance/synchrony is achieved.

With perseverance many practise various combined forms of Yoga and Meditation in attaining a state of inner calm where the body’s energy centres can be maintained and balanced to a point of synchrony with the brain and through the mind.

It is only now with the knowledge we have gathered through being able to de-assemble our body to the extent where we can classify in further detail the various organs and neuro somatic processes which need to be in alignment for one to reach that heightened state of being, we are able to shed a little more light on the wisdom our great teachers and masters had left behind within their works.

In a quest to achieving complete synchronisation of the body with the brain, many engage various positions, which in effect places control over the body’s autonomic nervous centre in a quest to control further their sympathetic and parasympathetic function of heart rate, through varying the blood flow (pressure) within the body using various compressions of arterial function throughout the body to the Brain, where the medulla oblongata, a structure which forms the lower portion of the brainstem, sends control messages to the heart to either lower its pace or increase it, in a quest to achieve total synchronisation of the body’s energy centres with the brain and through the action of the mind.

It is never an easy task to achieve such a complete synchronised and balanced state of being when there are so many factors to be taken into account.

This practise as well as others has throughout our history given rise to varying belief systems based upon the knowledge and the ever evolving wisdom contained within it in attaining a heightened state of being, known today through the various evolving techniques of Yoga and Meditation we collectively explore.

It is never an easy task to understand the wisdom contained within such knowledge when one is never able to achieve that which is being conveyed, other than allow their perception and interpretation of the knowledge to be guided by the collective, analytical, creative expressiveness of others on the same journey of understanding.

There is no problem practising these wonderful techniques as they are once again a more substantial and much needed approach to existing, for they help and assist the body in maintaining its health and at the same time help free the mind, but for those who look to the Yogic path as holding the key to becoming an ascended being of a higher order, I am afraid will be disappointed, as it would have been achieved a long time ago and everyone would be doing it.

So I guess the question still remains the same, how did those great masters achieve such a perfected state of being to allow them to ascend to a state of complete oneness.

The only real question here is, how once one has reached that all important Frequency do they Harness its vibration, attain, retain, maintain and remain at that Frequency with ease long enough to allow it to correlate throughout the whole of the body to a point where everything becomes synchronised and allow one to Consciously dwell within it, truly how did those great Masters achieve such a wondrous task.

This is truly the only ability which anyone ever needs to unlock, but sadly the key to it still remains a mystery.

To gain understanding of how one could achieve such a task, one must look to that which controls all the vibrations/frequencies which the body exists through and that which controls everything, the heart and the driving force of the body, the Brain.

Although many can prove the brain is able to engage the correct frequency/vibration, what they seldom understand or appreciate is, this frequency state is an overall state and the two halves of the brain consistently operate at different individual levels.

Which ever way you decide to look at the many techniques or processes you may subject yourself to, you must appreciate you can never reach a point of complete synchrony with the brain and through the mind when that which controls the vibration as well as the frequency which the body operates at and through is never in a balanced state of operation. 

You may now appreciate, it doesn’t only take one to master certain Yoga or Meditation techniques or even how studious one is within these Arts, but to be able to gain control over the two halves of the brain so they may operate consistently at the same overall frequency/vibration is very much an Art within its own right and what science, medical practitioners, metaphysicians as well as anyone else I have left out call an Impossibility.

Well I come from a world built on dreams and endless possibilities and I say to you, truly the only thing which stands in your way of achieving such a feat is none other than yourself and the perceptive state of awareness which you have chosen to dwell within.

The only way the two halves of the Human Brain system can consistently operate at a balanced state at the correct frequency required is very much through physical DNA activation.

What does one need to do to initiate such a process of DNA Activation…?

The answer I am afraid can never be found within the Art of the creative methods in practise today or within the various Meditation techniques alone, for at most, certainly those who have studiously practised such Arts within past lifetimes would have achieved the task by now and as I have expressed before, everyone would be doing it.

The answer to this is simple, one must first master the conventional scientific methods found within the Art of Alchemy, through which one will use certain knowledge and wisdom, to produce what is known and termed by science today as a regulatory genetic substance, produced through a process of DNA transcription, which can be used to initiate and transcribe an effective and permanent transformational genetic change within the Human Brain system.

To a point where the genetic transformation would give one the ability to harness the correct vibration/frequency and through the use of the unconventional scientific methods which exist within certain Meditation techniques, as well as through the use of Yoga techniques, will give one the abilty required to develop it as well as strengthen and maintain it.

This shall always reamin the only true way through which one is able to retain, maintain and remain at the correct vibration/frequency required.

So you see the answer to the question is, both the conventional scientific methods as well as certain unconventional methods, both hold the key to achieving that ultimate state of being and through this you can now appreciate as well as understand how Meditation is very much the way, but without the body being prepared first you can never go all the way to achieving that ultimate dream.

The ultimate answer to how this can be done is in many ways diverse but at the same time holds much understanding and with it the key which will open the door to many great processes that will help mankind enter a Golden Age.

For those who are searching for a more substantial and practical method to DNA Activation must be open to a new concept of understanding for the answer will surprise you.

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