Am I Ready to become an enlightened divine being… or should you be asking …Am I ready to embrace change…


In some ways you are ready and in others you have yet a little way to go. The mind may well be in complete acknowledgement confirming you are but yet the body and your all important somatic processes have yet to be mastered to allow you to engage that final journey home.


Much of our cultural belief systems and values placed within our many cultures and societies are based on the evolution of the ideas pertained within much of the knowledge we have somehow gathered over generations. These can also be seen as never being permanent as our need to understand how everything functions spurs us to gather new knowledge and wisdom which drives many of us to adopt new belief systems as well as standards based on the new dynamic elements of our ideas which allows new collective knowledge to guide us within our ever changing world.


Much of the problem is that we are slow to adapt to and accept change unless there is clear insight which can reinforce the need for that change to come about and so we sit and wait and search for that spark which will give us a way to reinforce that need to engage change as well as help gain better insight into the mysteries which surround us, which in themselves are mere states of the lack of perceptual understanding of knowledge that can also be seen as never a permanent state, other than a temporary field of awareness.


May be its now time for us to become more than we were before and seek out new understanding that will give us better insight into the mysteries which surrounds much of the wisdom and knowledge we have gathered bringing us out of darkness and into the light of a new age.


We are born unto each lifetime with a blank canvas which is moulded and guided by the wisdom and knowledge we have accumulated throughout our evolution and within each culture we are born unto. We have been on that old road to enlightenment for many generations and have reached a stage within our evolution where we have gathered enough knowledge and wisdom to assist us in attaining the correct awareness required to achieve our next phase within our evolution and to finally become enlightened divine beings, living and existing within Creations vast consciousness of love, a place where everything is one as well as a place where God dwells and exists waiting, watching and guiding us to achieve that final step which will release us from the cycle of life and death and commit ourselves to eternity.


For you to gain the wisdom needed to achieve that final step you must be ready to embrace change and truth but also be prepared to commit yourself to a path which may seem diverse and yet is required to fully achieve the process needed, you must also be prepared to embrace Alchemy on a level which you have never before experienced. But at the same time a path which needs commitment and love for that which you truly are and to God, for without that commitment you stand to gain little wisdom or knowledge.


So if you think you are ready to finally make this life time the one that counts and to truly take that final journey then follow me within this site so I can show you how to prepare the body and the mind.

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