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Here we are millions of years on since the dawn of mankind and still searching for truth...

Who we are, what we are, why we're here, and why is here... here anyway...

Many may even give you answers to all those questions but they always stem from the perception of each individuals understanding of the knowledge they have somehow obtained and with it the way they choose to explain the answers, from there on it is left to the individual to either accept the answers or not to depending on whether their own perceptive state of awareness allows them to.

What is life all about... soo many questions and yet so many answers... and at the same time are you even interested in knowing the answers or are the answers so far out of reach that to gain some sort of understanding would need you to somehow devote an entire lifetime to reading books and studying..

So many bibles, so many religions and yet so much division... where does one even begin...

The answer I guess is just that... There is so much varied knowledge in existence today that many have merely decided to take only that which they can somehow relate to as holding some form of truth and continue to live their busy lifestyles... For others the reality of their existence and the price they pay on a daily basis is all they can see as being the only way to exist and to survive in a society filled with much uncertainty...

Think about it for a moment... What effect would the answer to life the universe and everything have on our lifestyles.

Would it change anything... Could it change anything... I feel that those answers are yet to be realised...

Everyone searching and looking for answers and yet I often wonder whether the direction which many look is even the correct one.

As each persons perceptive state of awareness differs from each others, guided by the way we choose to exist and the experiences we encounter throughout our life time, it is always difficult to reach a point of understanding when we are faced with trying to find answers for all the mysteries which surround us in our everyday life’s and with it even try to contemplate some sort of answer for what we perceive as truth or even towards explaining the things which we experience within the realm of out of the ordinary. That is on the basis you are one of the lucky ones who live within a society which will allow you the freedom to explore and experience the hidden depths of life in the first place.

Our states of perception somehow divide many of us as well as bring others together. As our freedom of communication has evolved through our technological advancements, it has given many of us the freedom to explore ourselves and to connect with others around the world. Truly how far we have come since the dawn of mankind and yet has the journey yielded the knowledge we somehow still seek or does the constant and forceful pull of the society which governs your existence still hold you firm within it's grasp, rather than allow you the freedom to perceive things differently and to explore all possibilities of manifesting your dreams…

Many are driven by the hardships as others by the comforts within their life’s and as far as looking for the answers to the mysteries of life go, its of little interest as long as nothing interferes with their daily routine, they care little for any answer let alone anyone else’s perception of any truth or knowledge which they may hold…

Does it matter even to contemplate there could be a better way to exist... Or does the search for truth mean getting out of your comfort zone so far that somehow subconsciously you know it’s going to mean change and we all know how hard it is to accept change in itself...

Can this be all there is... The here and the now, this solid state of life which we hold as truth. Is it even here is the one big question or is it some form of dream state we have been placed to exist within.

Could your perception of reality be all that holds you to this world?, could it be a pre designed and pre planed stage set for us as players to act within, each with his or her own pre destined part to act out within lifetimes, so that up to some point in time where you have gathered enough knowledge and understanding, you reach a state of realisation and clear awareness of truth and reality which will allow you to then ascend to the higher realms of existence and with it maybe even the true plane of existence which is somehow always hidden.

Is it not interesting when we can prove with today’s technology and accept that if we were to break matter down to its smallest of parts, we find not only that nothing is solid but everything is somehow composed of mere phenomenons of vibration, which are somehow held together by some form of pre programmed state of consciousness, the big question is who's... and yet since we can today prove matter is merely vibration then why is it so difficult for our perception to accept this dimension of reality may not actually be a solid state of existence other than maybe a mere state of conscious perception, perceived within each of our own individual fields of existence.

Could this be the only thing which holds you here within this creative, physical realm of diverse awareness subjected to a diversity of possibilities created through a process of cause and effect.

If it is, then where can you look to find the knowledge required which will allow you to transcend this colourful time space you dwell within.

Have we lost the knowledge or have we merely misplaced it within a diversity of metaphoric awareness of knowledge and wisdom over time.

Many subject themselves to the creative perception of others as others follow aimlessly the path of the collective in trying to gain wisdom through understanding the knowledge which surrounds our existence.

Many look at things collectively rather than allow themselves to perceive things in a different way as others merely look and yet do not see exactly what is being conveyed.

Spare a moment of thought and ask yourself, have I come to this site in error, does it hold anything of value or is it yet another one of those sites which has nothing new to offer.

There are those strange moments when one searches for something specific and for some strange unknown reason they are offered something completely different and be certain before you hit that little key to leave, there is nothing new for you to experience here within this site.

As in many ways many are quick to dismiss things without giving them a chance to understand if they hold any form of knowledge or wisdom which may be of use.

So before you hit that exit button, give me an opportunity to see if I can help you perceive things in a different way to the way they have been previously, collectively portrayed.

Welcome to the Vibration of Love and the wisdom you need to truly embrace the path of One.

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